What It Means to Be Indigenous

Below are resources related to the “What It Means to Be Indigenous” chapter of Native Nations: The Survival of Indigenous Peoples, 3rd Edition, edited by Sharlotte Neely and Douglas W. Hume.

Agencies & Organizations
Discussion Questions
      • What is the meaning of indigenousness, and why is it sometimes difficult to identify Indigenous People?
      • Why is indigenousness at the heart of many world conflicts?
      • Why are seemingly pro-human rights nations like the United States and Sweden sometimes reluctant to defend the land rights of Indigenous Peoples?
Documentary Films
Further Reading
      • Barth, Fredrik. 1969. Ethnic Groups and Boundaries: The Social Organization of Culture Difference. Boston: Little, Brown and Co.

Indigenous North AmericaNs Visit Europe

Cherokee Nation, Emissaries of Peace, 1762
Cherokee Nation, Emissaries of Peace, 1762 (Joshua Reynolds [Public domain])

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